Chapter Links

Chapter 1 – The Canadian Legal System

Department of Justice Canada
About Canada: Canada’s Legal Tradition
Jurist Canada – University of Toronto, Reference Desk
Law Commission of Canada
Catalaw: Meta Index of Law and Government
Canada: Statutes and Regulations
Alberta: Statutes and Regulations (English only)
British Columbia: Statutes and Regulations (English only)
Manitoba: Statutes and Regulations
New Brunswick: Statutes and Regulations
Newfoundland: Statutes and Regulations (English only)
Northwest Territories: Statutes and Regulations
Nova Scotia: Statutes and Regulations (English only)
Nova Scotia: Consolidated Nova Scotia Regulations Online
Nunavut: Statutes and Regulations
Ontario: Statutes and Regulations
Prince Edward Island: Statutes and Regulations
Quebec: Statutes and Regulations
Saskatchewan: Statutes and Regulations
Yukon: Statutes and Regulations

Chapter 2 – Human Rights in Canada

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Human Rights Internet – A Human Rights Gateway
World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
Human Rights in Canada
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Decisions
Office of United Nations High Commissioner – Universal Declaration on Human Rights
Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Human Rights Research and Education Centre – University of Ottawa

Chapter 3 – The Law of Contracts

Bora Laskin Law Library
Law Schools and Law Libraries
The E-Law Locator
Industry Canada Consumer Tips: Contracts
Contracts Canada
Contracting Online - Article –Law Firm Articles and Newsletters on Contract Law

Chapter 4 – The Law of Negligence

The Locke Institute: Alternative Rules for Determining Tort Liability
Bora Laskin Law Library Tort/Negligence/Malpractice
The Locke Institute: The Classical Law of Tort
Negligence Act (BC)
Trespass Act (NB)
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Canadian Association of Certified General Accountants
Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Medical Association

Chapter 5 – The Accommodation Sector

Gordon & Valetta: Success Stories
Hotel Keepers Act
Canadian Standards Association
Canadian Elevator Contractors Association
St. John Ambulance Canada

Chapter 6 – The Restaurant Sector: Food

Donation of Food Act, 1994
Sale of Goods Act
Beef Information Grading Centre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
City of Toronto Food Inspection and Disclosure
Canadian Association of Journalists: Dirty Dining
Food Safe Program
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Restaurant and Food Services Association of BC

Chapter 7 – The Beverage Service Sector: Alcohol

Ministry of Consumer and Business Services: Index – Liquor Licence Act
Hospitality Industry Education Advisory Committee – Server Program Manual – Settled Alcohol
Service Liability Case Decisions
Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Chapter 8 – The Innkeeper- Guest Relationship

Hotel Registration of Guests Act
Hotel Keepers Act
Algonquin College Hospitality Course
Department of Justice Canada – Criminal Code of Canada
Canadian Lawyer Index – Landlord and Tenant Act - Ontario
Government of British Columbia – Residential Tenancy Act

Chapter 9 – Innkeepers

Hotel Guest Registration Act (BC)
Hotel Association of Canada
Hospitality Newsletter
International Hotel-Restaurant Association
Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association
British Columbia and Yukon Hotels Association

Chapter 10 – Guests

Privacy Rights According to the Supreme Court of Canada
Safety Tips: Hotel Security
Travelling Abroad: Security Tips
Hotel Insider: Hotel Security
Hotel Motel Security: Advice for Travellers

Chapter 11 – Protection of Guests and their Property

Occupiers Liability Act (BC)
Occupiers Liability Act (Ontario)
Insurance Bureau of Canada – Risk Management
Alberta Law Reform Commission: Occupiers Liability-Recreational Use of Land
Hotel Security: A New Model for Guest Protection

Chapter 12 – Regulatory Requirements

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
Liquor Control and Licensing (BC)
New Brunswick Liquor
Government of Yukon Liquor Corporation
Government of Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Quebec Regis des alcohols, des courses et des jeux
PEI Liquor Control Commission
Alcohol and Gaming Authority (NS)

Chapter 13 – Ownership and Management

Business Development Bank of Canada
Canada Business Corporations Act
Canada/ British Columbia Small Business Service Centre
The Small Business Consumer Centre
Department of Justice – Income Tax Act
Department of Justice – Trademarks Act
Statutes Administered by the Ontario Minister of Finance
Industry Canada
Canadian Association of Internet Providers
Canadian Marketing Association
Canadian Privacy Institute

Chapter 14 – Employees and Employment Standards

Employment Standards Legislation in Canada
Employment Standards Government of British Columbia
Bora Laskin Law Library Related to Labour Law
Employment Law Assistance for Employees and Small Businesses (US)
Work Safe: Best Practices Booklets

Chapter 15 – The Travel Industry

Canada Tourism
Travel Industry Council of Ontario
Ministry of Consumer and Business Services: Travel Industry Act
Canadian Tourism Commission
International Air Transport Association
Alliance of Canadian Travel Agencies
International Civil Aviation Organization
Competition Bureau of Industry Canada
International Council of Cruise Lines
Accreditation of Sales Agents: Billing and Settlement Plan